Managed Services

Remote Monitoring

TTS provides 24/7 monitoring of the health and status of your networks and devices. Servers and systems are kept up to to date and devices are maintained at peak performance. For more information ask about our managed services packages.

IT Support

Unlimited assistance with software optimization, hardware performance and replacement, virus removal, user education, network device troubleshooting, and printer assistance is included in our managed service package.

easy-to-budget monthly pricing

Our Gold monthly package includes unlimited IT support for the administration and maintenance of your hardware and software.


On-Site Installations

On-site network installation and expansion for small offices and businesses. We start with a site survey to assess your physical networking needs and then work with you and your budget to create a futureproof, reliable network system.


System upgrades and repairs to keep your server and network devices running effeciently and without interruption.


TTS will identify the security program that best fits your business and will deploy and maintain the hardware and software to ensure uninterrupted, secure productivity.


Office 365, teams, and Sharepoint

Triangle Tech can help identify and execute unique policy configurations regarding data retention, inter-company communications, app policies, and voice features for your business. Assistance with and troubleshooting of Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Word, Excel, Outlooks, and other Office 365 programs. Teams meeting performance optimization and assistance with upgrading to Teams from Skype for Business are available.

device and network efficiency

Triangle Tech will help you deal with your current networking issues and assist you in implementing a strategy to reduce problems in the future.


Need help with your WordPress site? Triangle offers the following WordPress services: site deployment, plugin installation, caching, speed optimization, troubleshooting, content adjustment, appearance changes, and online store assistance. Content management for WordPress sites as well as integration of new features into existing sites.

Looking for a more permanent solution to your WordPress stress? Triangle Tech will take care of it for you with 24/7 monitoring, daily backups, and general content management. For more information, ask about our WordPress Monthly Management Plan.

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